Saturday, November 1, 2014

CU4CU License

This is a one time purchase for a lifetime CU4CU license to use all my CU templates to create other CU items for resell.

You will be sent a 150x150 blog license image with your CU4CU license number.

Your blog license image MUST be placed in any products you create using my cu4cu license or your TOU must clearly state your Scrapping from the Heart CU4CU license number

The license image must remain on your blog as long as you are selling items created with my CU products.

This License is ONLY good for use with my Template packs. Not my PNG only packs or scripts. If it has a template, it is ok to use as CU4CU. ALL IMAGES MUST BE MERGED!


- Do not Sell/Give away in template or layered form. Must be Merged.

- Do not claim them as your own or redistribute them. NO Sharing.

- Do not repackage as greyscale.

- Do not share through other links or upload to another file sharing site

- Do Not Create other CU4CU items. May only use as CU or PU.

- Do not create PSP tubes, brushes or masks.

- Do not create Photoshop brushes, presets, or patterns.

- Make PSP Scripts or PS Actions.

- Extend my CU4CU license to your purchasers.


- Use for Commercial use or personal use resale.

- You may resize and colorize them to suit your need.

- All Products and Templates must be merged/altered/style applied and not just recolored.

- They must be changed in some significant way and they MAY NOT be sold in layered form of any kind.

If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me at anytime at

Happy Scrapping!


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